Know About Built In Wardrobes

10 Jul

One of the first furniture you buy when you move to a new home is a wardrobe. A built-in wardrobe, although non-conventional, is a perfect addition to your new home. It’s stylish, modern look brings elegance to any room. Usually, wardrobes are only found in the bath and bedroom. But a built-in wardrobe can fit anywhere inside the house – in the study, kitchen, playroom or in the living room. Here are more reasons why you should install a built-in wardrobe:Checkout hereĀ built in wardrobes.

-Space Saver

The best feature that the built-in wardrobe can offer is its ability to save space. It’s suited to fit even the in the smallest of rooms and spaces. It’s perfect for small rooms and homes because it doesn’t give that crowded feel. It also offers a better use of the space inside. Some built-in wardrobes can go from floor to ceiling, giving you lots of extra space to place your things in.

For maximum space saving, most people opt for sliding doors other than the traditional swing door. These sliding doors don’t occupy space the way swing doors do. They are also safer to use especially around little children and more aesthetically pleasing.

-Perfectly Customized

Another great feature of built-in wardrobes is that they can be fully customized to fit any room or a house. You can have them customized according to your needs and wants. You can have as many shelves as you want, whatever their sizes could be. Their designs are quite flexible so you can have your personalized wardrobe.

The doors can also be customized according to your aesthetic taste. There are glass panels, optic-panels, plain raw gyp rock panels that you can paint yourself, vinyl-covered panels and mirrored panels. Opti-panels is a excellent choice since they give a frosted glass effect. They are a little expensive, though. For a tight budget but with a great finish, you can choose the vinyl-covered panels.

-Easy to Install

In contrast to what some people might think, built-in wardrobes are actually easy to install. They are also quite affordable, even to people with tight budgets. It may take a while before you could use the wardrobe, unlike if you buy a pre-made one. But, the results are worth the wait. It’s so easy to install, in fact that you can install the wardrobe yourself. There are tons of companies online that offer built-in wardrobes to people who love DIY. This way, you can minimize your costs by installing yourself.

The modern feel of the built-in wardrobe is perfect for any home. It’s extremely convenient, easy to install, and quite affordable. They offer the perfect storage for any room in the house. And the best part is you can totally personalize your wardrobe design. Shopping for built-in wardrobes can actually be fun. Just remember to get a lot of quotes, shop around for the best prices, and pick the ones with the best quality. Doors are sold separately from the wardrobes, so you don’t have to feel obliged to buy doors from the same company, especially if the doors are quite expensive.